What We Do

Privet brings blue chip training, skills and experience to SMEs.


We identify the hidden value in companies that are often in challenging or complex situations, but have a strong core offering.  We work with these companies to build them up and create sustained long-term growth.

We provide the stability, clarity and focus which is often lacking in such situations.

We actively work with management teams, bringing our blue chip experience to identify, plan and implement operational improvements to generate sustained growth and create long-term value.

Through this and driving relentless customer focus we aim to achieve a company’s true potential.

We make firm commitments to our investments, both with operational and financial support.  We invest our own money – together with other investors – which gives the management teams we work with the assurance of being committed and completely aligned in our objectives.

We have a track record of helping companies succeed in multiple sectors, geographical regions and time frames.

Investment criteria

Typically, we invest up to £10m into companies with turnovers ranging from £10m to £200m.